Framing the view: Curtains & blinds for an 80s property in Perth & Kinross

Location • Loch Leven, Perth & Kinross, Scotland
Type • Residential, bungalow, new build
Rooms • Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom
Window Treatments • Thermal lined curtains, Roman blinds
Soft Furnishings & Accessories • Trimmings, bespoke curtain poles

When coming across this 80s property in Perth and Kinross, the fantastic views over Loch Leven did all the talking for my client, as did the beautiful garden around the property.

Unsurprisingly, she wanted the décor and window treatments to complement these views rather than distract from it.

Setting the scene

To make the most of the lovely view from the picture windows in her living room, we decided to use dress curtains. Because they are non-working, static curtains, they were the ideal choice to frame the view from the main living area. 

In order for the pattern of the fabric, a nod towards Art Deco, to be displayed while folded without distracting from the scenery, I made sure that I carefully placed the pattern of the curtains on the pleats.

Like the pattern on a Scottish kilt, this ensures that you can appreciate the strong repeating pattern and colours of the fabric without the curtains being drawn. 

And to add just the right amount of flourish to the curtains, we chose matching tiebacks, or – as my client described it – “the cherries on the icing on the cakes”.

When it came to the kitchen snug area, which looks over the beautiful garden, we decided on a single curtain, rather than a pair, to maximise the amount of light in the room – and put the view centre stage.

Again, my focus here was on making sure the pattern of the fabric is highlighted, whether the curtains are drawn or not.

Bespoke pattern placement wide single curtain

Bespoke touches

We added more bespoke touches to the rest of the property, including placing the beautiful pattern of a roman blind for the en-suite perfectly at the top, giving it the impression of being framed to give maximum visual impact.

Throughout the property, we also decided on bespoke curtain pole finishes, complementing the colour of the fabrics and another way of setting the scene. 

What the client says

‘Superlative’ Cambridge Dictionary definition: of the highest quality; the best. I should leave it there as anything further will be gilding the lily. But, just for good measure, I’ll throw in a few synonyms: magnificent; superb; unparalleled; excellent; supreme.

The Process: from initial contact to completion of the project Catherine is a joy to work with; relaxed and friendly but the consummate professional, with patience in abundance to bear the inevitable capriciousness of her clients!

The Product: a work of art. Her attention to detail is outstanding, and her incredible technical expertise obvious to even the untrained eye.

The experience: exceptional.

Ms JS, Kinross