A new life: Repurposing old window treatments & fabrics in Fife

Creating bespoke interior design, window treatments and soft furnishings is a lot about having the vision, willingness and flexibility to turn my clients’ ideas into reality. Especially in these two cases, where my clients were looking to give existing fabric items a new life by repurposing them.

For example, repurposing 30-year-old swags and tails. My client wanted me to turn them into pelmets to achieve a simpler, less formal look while reusing existing fabric and trimmings. They didn’t want the pelmets to look too tailored or perfect but told me to “Keep them soft looking and like they’ve been there forever”.

What the client says

The pelmets are beautiful, exactly what I wanted!

VK, Fife

Another repurposing project involved a bespoke Harris tweed coat with velvet panels, which my client never felt really felt was “her”. She liked the idea of up-cycling and asked me to unpick the coat and turn it into cushions for her living room.

Have a look at the gallery below to see the results!

What the client says

Fabulous, I love the cushions whereas I never felt comfortable wearing that coat.

CT, St Andrews