A contemporary interior design scheme in Berkshire

A retired couple from Berkshire was looking for a contemporary interior design for their living room. Having started to look at fabrics, they found the choice of colour, designs and price points overwhelming.

After being introduced by a mutual acquaintance, they asked for my help to find a coordinated, contemporary interior design scheme. They also wanted suggestions for reupholstering existing sofa and armchairs, new curtains, new carpet and paint.

Of course, this all needed to be in line with the existing items they love and wanted to keep. Also, the new colour scheme had to tie in with the light cherry wood of their recently purchased storage units.

Albeit a bit sceptical at the beginning, after seeing the fabric samples and mood board I had drawn up for them, the husband was easily convinced by my suggestions for their refreshed contemporary living room.

What the client says (Mrs T., Berkshire)

“I am very keen on it, such a change from what we have just now. My husband is up for everything!”