Keep the draughts out & the heat in in Fife

This client approached me after suffering from an uninsulated bay window in her older stone built property. Because the windows had not been covered by any kind of interlined curtains, her living room was the coldest room in the house in winter.

The solution became clear on my first visit, so we decided to keep the draughts out and the heat in by using floor length, interlined curtains.

As I was about to make a trip to Vietnam, I suggested using Vietnamese silk for the curtains. I also added a hand-sewn bobble trim to the pleats to make the curtains really special.

Leaving the choice of colour to me, I chose a fantastic fabric that underlines the character of the traditional bay window and complements the existing decoration scheme. The interlining made sure that the room is warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather.

What the client says (Alice S., Dunfermline)

“The interlined curtains make the room so much warmer and now we regularly use the room in the evening. The curtains look fabulous and you chose exactly the right colour for the silk. I’ve been showing them off to everyone who comes.”