A leading part: Curtain poles and tracks

Curtain poles and tracks, especially bespoke ones, are not just a fancy detail of your home décor. And they’re not a purely functional part of your window treatments either – they’re a bit of both. 

And they’re probably the most undervalued part of dressing a window. They make fabrics and patterns shine and ensure your handmade curtains fall just right. And they do that whether they’re hidden from sight or are a prominent design feature.

The right match

When it comes to curtain poles and tracks, it’s important to find the right match for the fabric, window style and room. 

A flimsy pole, for example, will not be able to carry a heavy interlined velvet curtain or the weight of curtains designed for a room with high ceilings and traditional windows. And a luscious silk curtain would lose its lustre when simply hanging from a hidden track.  

In these cases, a pole or track from the DIY store simply won’t do the job either. Especially bespoke options, like bay or bow windows that need a track which can be bent to follow the shape of the window, require the specialist skills from a curtain fitter to measure the window angles to ensure that the fit is just right.

And arched windows need careful planning to ensure that the track exactly follows the shape of the curved arch.

Bespoke curtain track for an arched window curtain

Invisible or in plain view

The choice of pole or track also depends on your design preferences. For example, you might prefer the curtain pole or track to fade into the background by blending in with the wall colour – and so a bespoke pole painted in the same colour as the walls may be the answer.

Or if light shading is a high priority for you, a room with lots of sunshine may need voile curtains behind your main curtains to keep the sun out. In this case, a smart double pole may be the answer – rather than net curtains on a tension wire, like granny used to have!

Plenty of choice

When working with a curtain maker like myself, you don’t just get access to a huge range of fabrics, but also a wide variety of curtain poles and tracks. In fact, a much wider than you’d find in retail and DIY stores.

So why not benefit from my expertise when looking for the most suitable track or pole that suits the specific window and complements the chosen fabric? 

Give your windows a bespoke touch with a wide range of finishes (from metal and matt to gloss and distressed and many more), colours, materials and, not to forget, finials which also come in various designs ranging from simple button ends to the highly ornate.