Curtains & blinds fit for a luxury B&B in Fife

Location • Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland
Type • commercial, B&B
Rooms • bedrooms
Window Treatments • Blackout curtains, porthole bung
Soft furnishings & accessories • Cushions, tiebacks

This project was an exciting transformation of a home into a bed & breakfast. And also offered the best views of the Forth I’ve ever come across. Wanting to work with local tradespeople and makers, the owners got in touch for curtainsblinds fit for a luxury B&B.

Making the best of the view

Located on the Fife coast in Dalgety Bay, guests will enjoy a fantastic panorama. Imagine seeing the 3 bridges, Edinburgh Castle and all the way down the Forth to the Isle of May.

curtainmaker Edinburgh Fife Dalgety Bay luxury B&B view Forth Bridge

Using the client’s colour scheme for the bedrooms – light grey with touches of teal –, I provided suggestions and samples for curtain fabrics and cushions. Picking up on the headboard fabrics they had already chosen, I added a rust colour for contrast.

Obviously, the main feature of the rooms is the view. So it was very important that the style of window dressings didn’t obscure the windows. To achieve that, we pulled the curtains as far back as possible with tiebacks perfectly matching their teal paint.

An unusually shaped window

This collection of curtains & blinds fit for a luxury B&B was completed with a window dressing for a rather unusually shaped window. One of the rooms has a round porthole window looking out to the Forth Bridge.

curtain maker Edinburgh Fife round unusual shape window treatment

We decided very quickly to look for a solution that ensures a good night’s sleep for guests. But ideally, that solution shouldn’t take any attention away from the unique shape of the window.

The bespoke window treatment we came up with was a porthole bung. This is a piece of circular foam covered in curtain fabric with a contrasting handle. And it sits snugly inside the window recess to block out light at night.

Check out the details in the gallery below and on the B&B website!

What the clients say

Catherine provided some great ideas for fabrics and colours, and the porthole bung is a really imaginative solution for the circular window.

Mr & Mrs CM, Dalgety Bay