Cushions & Interior Accessories: A refreshed sitting room in Edinburgh

Location • Edinburgh, Scotland
Type • Residential
Rooms • Living room
Soft Furnishings & Accessories • Cushions

This project is a very good example of how a few alterations can transform a room without spending a fortune. In this case, we only added little details like cushions & interior accessories.

Having last redecorated several years ago, this client wanted a refresh for her living room. At an initial meeting in her home, the client was clear that she wanted to keep her existing furniture and curtains.

So we agreed that the neutral colours of the current decor could be lifted by just little pops of colour. To achieve this effect, we decided to add handmade cushions & interior accessories in a beautiful ruby colour.

As a result, her living room immediately felt much more inviting and interesting.

What the client says

Catherine immediately understood that I wanted to update the living room but that I loved the furniture and curtains we already have. She did a great job of adding colour and textures to the room and worked to the budget we gave her.

Sandra T., Edinburgh