Should you invest in curtains, blinds & soft furnishings for your home?

When you’re moving or renovating, window treatments and soft furnishings can easily go to the bottom of the priority list. But whether you think they’re a frilly luxury or a purely practical addition, there are many reasons why you should invest in curtains, blinds & soft furnishings for your home. Read on to find out more!

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Benefits of curtains, blinds & soft furnishings

The benefits of spending time and money on choosing your window treatments and soft furnishings lie in their versatility. As does working with a professional curtain maker like myself.

That great big south-facing picture window in your living room with the gorgeous view? The right window treatments will frame it perfectly and tie it in with your overall colour scheme. They will also keep the cold out in winter and protect your furniture from the sun and heat in summer. All the while giving you privacy all year round without blocking the light.

Choosing curtains, blinds, cushions and trimmings for your home is as much about enhancing the features of your home as it is about fitting in with you and your family’s lifestyle and preferences. By adding aesthetics, functionality and practicality, they help make your home a comfortable place to live.

Let’s have a look at how they can enhance your interior décor and make your life easier.

1. Aesthetics

Window treatments as well as cushions, pelmets and trimmings are like adding jewellery or lipstick to your look. They finish off your colour scheme and help bring your whole interior design together. 

And, most importantly, they’re extremely versatile. If you invest in curtains, blinds and soft furnishings, they can help you create a calming space with neutral colours and subtle textures. Or they can make a big statement by adding bold colours and lively patterns – and anything in between.

Find out more about what you need to know about colours vs neutrals when choosing your interior colour scheme.

Your options range from simple roller blinds to elaborate curtains with trimmings, swags and tails or a big pelmet. With this amount of choice, it’s easy to make your window treatments and interior accessories fit your personal taste, budget and the architectural style of your home.

And don’t dismiss the power soft furnishings. Cushions please the eye by tying in with your colour scheme and giving it all a lovely finish. And you can have fun with it, too. Do you have a gorgeous piece of fabric that’s a bit too “out there” for your curtains? Use it for your cushions and see your décor come to life. 

But it’s not just all frilly luxury. Window treatments can enhance the features and structure of your home by manipulating the proportions. For example, they can make small windows look taller. Or they can make a wall of windows with different shapes and heights look harmonious. And they can turn big rooms into cosy spaces and make small spaces feel less confined. 

2. Functionality 

But as beautiful as a period window with swags and tails might look, it might not meet your functional and practical needs. Thankfully that doesn’t mean you have to choose between functionality and aesthetics. 

In fact, it’s really easy to combine practical aspects with beautiful design, like my interior design for a nursing home in Fife

A pelmet is a great example of that as well. It hides your curtain poles or tracks from view and blocks light leakage at the top of your window. And it adds plenty of swagger to the room as well.  

Invest in window treatments & soft furnishings to add

  • Insulation
  • Noise reduction (interior or exterior) 
  • Blackout
  • Light filtering
  • Privacy 

to your home. 

Imagine big expansive bi-fold doors in a south-facing room. They’re very well insulated. But that means the sun will make the room too hot even in winter, not to mention the glare. 

From interlined to semi-sheer curtains or blinds to UV window coatings, window treatments can regulate the temperature in your home. And they do so while protecting your flooring and furnishings – and looking fabulous.

3. Practicality

With all their aesthetic and functional value to your home, it’s easy to overlook one important factor when you invest in curtains, blinds & soft furnishings – their ease of use. 

You don’t want to get your favourite interlined curtains only to find out they’re really difficult to open and close. Especially if you’re likely to use them every day, the right choice of poles and tracks is vital for your window treatments.

If you have pets or small children, it makes sense to use fabrics that hide stains well and are easy to clean. And child safety regulations are an important factor to take into account, too.

When you spend time and money on choosing the right curtains, blinds & soft furnishings for your home, you want them to last. So make sure you choose a suitable style and fabric for the intended use and location. Don’t go for silk curtains in your south-facing living room. The delicate fabric fades and rots in direct sunlight in no time. 

When you invest in curtains, blinds & soft furnishings, ask yourself what your window treatments need to do the job and make them safe, accessible and easy to use. Choose the right diameter of pole or track to take the weight of your curtains. Add rods, corded tracks or poles that are out of reach of your pets and children. And choose fabrics that are fit for purpose. 

Over to you

With window treatments and soft furnishings, the possibilities for your home are endless. They are versatile and combine your personal taste and preferences with the functionalities and practical aspects to suit your lifestyle. 

If you get this right, you will enjoy them for years to come, like this client of mine:

“I just drew the curtains in the office tonight for some privacy and was saying to my husband how excellent they are. Absolute blackout and they look amazing. I know it’s been two years since they were hung, but I thought you might like to know how much we enjoy both sets and how that hasn’t diminished with time. It’s so rare that you purchase something so genuinely pleasing. Thank you.”

Lisa, Edinburgh

From design and fabrics to measuring and fitting, let me know if you would like to invest in your curtains, blinds & soft furnishings. I’d be happy to help!